BoneID W3 on Cloud contains 8 main interfaces (interfaces are named by world famous writers and some interfaces can be linked, in some way, with their most famous books):


Advanced graphical interface for fast and easy T&A management.
This is the most advanced interface for Time & Attendance. Speed and ease of use are key elements. Timeline displays in various colors different time period for each employee. By this color approach you can easily spot any absence or extra time that should be approved or denied.

With this interface usual time spent on management of employees payroll sheets is decreased for more than 50%, because person who is in charged for complete employees data, now with single click on graphical representation of working hours can easily justify or deny questionable hours.


Classical table based interface with periodical and summary reports.
Homer is classical representation of worked hours in well know table view. Those data can be exported to PDF format. Periodical reports will show only one employee data regardless of multiple selected employees in List of employees, but export to PDF format will make reports for all selected employees.


More detailed interface for presence at given time and overview of transactions


Simple vacation planner and overview.
Hemingway is simple vacation planner. After department and date is selected, just click on cells in planner and VA will show in planner (Note: VA is shortened name for Vacation). To enable planner changes, click on right bottom button with lock icon.

VA can show in three different colors.

means employee will use vacation days approved for current year. (Note: to define approved vacation days, enter number of approved days in last cell)

Pink means employee is using more vacation days than approved.

Orange means employee is using vacation days left from last year. (Note: in some countries, employees are allowed to transfer unused vacation days from last year into next year. Those vacation days must be spent before some predefined date in current year. That date of validity can be set in interface Orwell.)


Classic shift planner.
Shift planning is what Tolstoy does. For accurate data about worked hours, this is the most important interface. All calculations of worked hours are based on shifts. So, if shifts are not properly assigned, all calculations of worked hours will be wrong.


Payroll sheet.
Dante is interface used to make final payroll sheets. Based on those sheets, employees are paid. Basically it is Excel like table where all types of work are separated in their rows and columns.
As this interface takes much space in width, there is a button above date selector which hides departments and list of employees so complete payroll sheet can be seen. This is especially useful for smaller display access.


This interface is actually a heart of BoneID W3 on Cloud and includes seven sub interfaces. Here you can manipulate your employees, departments, reports, calendar and manage network devices. Some interfaces may not be available to users who are hierarchically located under management.


To edit user details, in left bottom corner is pen icon that opens edit dialog upon user is selected.


This sub interface is created for defining national holidays. Simple click on the day turns day to holiday and back to regular day if clicked once again.


This interface is designed for Manager level access. Here you make company tree view departments structure. Each department can have predefined day shifts. (Predefined shifts are usually used for department which have the same schedule each week, but those shifts can be overridden in Tolstoy interface if needed.)


This interface is also made for Manager level access. Number of possible shifts is limited to 9999.


The interface designed for Manager level access. The purpose of it is very simple: defining columns you want to see in Homer and Melville presence reports. You may define reports as many as you like giving them specific names.

BoneID W3 on Cloud is solution completely made by Croatian experts within EDGE Group Croatia and created according to specific needs of the European Union labour legislation and regulations.