BoneID W3 on Cloud

BoneID W3 on Cloud is a unique and powerful system that allows you using any Internet browser from any computer, tablet or mobile phone, from the office or a business trip have a complete insight into the time and attendance of your employees.

BoneID W3 on Cloud contains 8 main interfaces (interfaces are named by world famous writers and some interfaces can be linked, in some way, with their most famous books):

1. Asimov – advanced graphical interface for fast and easy T&A management

2. Homer – classical table based interface with periodical and summary reports

3. Melville – more detailed interface for presence at given time and overview of transactions

4. Hemingway – simple vacation planner and overview

5. Tolstoy – classic shift planner

6. Dante – payroll sheet

7. Orwell – calendar, users, devices, shifts, departments, parameters and reports management

8. Settings – basic per administrator settings like type of predefined reports and password change

BoneID W3 on Cloud is solution completely made by Croatian experts within EDGE Group Croatia and created according to specific needs of the European Union labour legislation and regulations.

No matter which device you use to sign in (Rio, Tango or Bravo), they are all connected, and the information on applications submitted to the same BoneID system that allows you to run all data centralized and connected.

BoneID W3 on Cloud consists of 8 main interfaces. You can use all or just some of them according to your needs in managing time and attendance. The system meets all the needs of keeping records of working hours to more than 90% of cases.

If you want to try out our system, demo data can be accessed at the following link:
(ID: 16, Password: a1)

To view the demo data you need to go in 2013 (June, July, August …) and click on the name of the department.
If your company is in 10% of cases not covered by the Cloud system of time attendance, we can offer our well known BoneID Classic system that has proven itself in many companies with very complex rules of working time.