BoneID Net

BoneID Net advantages:

  • easy connectivity with PC computer
  • easy managing and assigning of users and cards authorization
  • easy centralized Access control system overview of Civinitec devices, entrances and exits
  • controlling state of doors, deactivation or activation
  • integrates easily with third-party software
  • BoneID Net is not just card management software, but also basic archive of employees data

BoneID Net main functions

Region is the root of hierarchy in BoneID Net.Main regional data that can be defined are:

Time zone, Holiday calendar, T&A parameters. Different regions can have different time zones, calendar and T&A parameters. Region can have multiple sites assigned. The purpose of multiple regions is possibility to have a system that contains different companies, or branches of same company located in different countries that need to be managed from one central server. Every company or branch may have their own restrictions, and if they are located in different countries holiday calendar and even time zone may be different.

Site can be assigned only to one region. Multiple devices can be assigned to one site. Each site defines master access data to Civintec card devices (master card and/or password to enter into device setup menus)
Main purpose of site is to group devices located at the same physical location. It’s not mandatory to create separate site for each physical location, but is recommended for easier administration.
Device can be assigned only to one site. Multiple devices can be assigned to the same site.
When you change device from one site to another its settings will be automatically adjusted to settings defined for that another site and region. Cards assigned to device will still remain in the device if site or region is changed. Assignment of cards is defined trough “Access groups”. Synchronization synchronizes device settings, users, cards or templates in devices and retrieves all available transactions from device if some transaction is lost in process or retrieving data from device in real time
With green, red and yellow messages, showing some details of communication, useful for better understanding what is happening in communication between device and BoneID Net.
Transactions log is real time monitor of received transactions from devices in network.
BoneID Net is not just card management software, but is also basic archive of employee’s data. You can add, modify or delete user. Number of users is unlimited.
Access groups define who can register to which device at what time. Unlimited number of access groups can be defined making complete system very flexible. Adding or removing device, user or time zone from access group is done just by clicking check boxes in grid view.
Default access group is Full access. Unlike other access groups you create, this access group can’t be deleted and you can’t change its default time zone named Always. Users and devices can be removed.

BoneID Net features

  • centralized Access control system (managing from just one place) of all Civintec devices
  • capable of managing most complex environments due to regions and sites grouping
  • real time automated transactions retrieval
  • distribution of users, time zones, access groups, holidays and system settings is automated
  • controlling state of doors and deactivation or activation
  • BoneID Net with module BoneID express becomes powerful tool for Time & Attendance