BoneID Express

BoneID Express is basic but powerful Time & Attendance module for BoneID Net. It has 3 different types of reports, and each of them can be fully customized meaning you can create various reports with specific data of interest.

Main screen for all types of reports is divided in three sections. Left section contains tree view of departments and (in periodical reports) list of employees in selected department (and sub departments if selected). Middle section contains time selectors (advanced and classic) and filter options. Right section contains reports data.
Time selector is the quickest way to get reports with just one click of the mouse. It contains months grouped by years. Clicking on month name results in loading reports, and that’s it.
There is no Load button because algorithm for calculations is so fast it can process work times for thousands of employees in second.
Periodical reports are starting point where you can easy track employees:
BoneID express periodical reportsday by day, check-ins, working hours, late hours, extra times, overtimes etc… If you are looking for more precise data, classical time selector is still available under tab Advanced. Here you can extract reports for specific date range and filter some data. Reports for each person will be loaded in separate tab. Once reports are loaded you can print or export them to Excel Workbook or csv file for further processing in some other payroll systems.
Summary reports are summary data from periodical reports. BoneID Express summary reportIn this reports you won’t have ability to see detailed data for every employee, but only cumulative data.
These reports are meant for quickly overview of the most important data, like how many hours are worked out, number of late hours, etc.
Presence reports are specific type of reports where you can check presence or absence of employees at any date, any time. Results can be displayed in single report or you can check checkbox for splitting reports into three separate reports. Presence reports contain: employees who are at given time present, employees who were present but went out (or finished with they work), absent employees who haven’t came at all for the given date at given time