BoneID Embedded

BoneID Embedded is powerful software solution for uTouch devices that supports all necessary functionalities that are required for serious access control and Time & Attendance.

It has integrated user management that supports various types of security levels.
Users can identify themselves by fingerprint or by card (plain card or card with template inside) or just by PIN. All these types are defined per user level. Each transaction can store picture of actual user, so at any time it is possible to verify if someone tried to make unauthorized access.

In combination with BoneID Net PC software, this device is the key element of your access control and/or T&A solution.

uTouch advantages

  • Standalone/Network or server managed terminal for Access Control and Time & Attendance
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Fingerprint matching 1:1 (unlimited) & 1:N (AFIS up to 2000 templates)
  • Fingerprint can be stored on smart card only
  • Users can have multiple cards assigned
  • One user can have up to 10 templates
  • Job codes
  • Network of CN8 devices can be controlled through PC software BoneID Net
  • Each user can have picture assigned
  • With each event CN8 can record actual picture of person to prevent misusage of card only systems
  • CN8 is using Suprema’s fingerprint module and fingerprint matching algorithm
  • Fingerprint template size is only 384 bytes
  • Can control 3 relays and additional 4 GPIOs
  • Time zones supported so daylight savings change is automatic even in standalone working mode
  • Customization of non standard functions is available on demand

BoneID main functions

Shows current date and time, along with the settings icon (the gear symbol in the top left corner) and virtual keyboard used to enter pin and/or job code. In the right mid part the unit shows the picture that the camera is seeing at the moment.
Users – the administrator can create, delete, enroll, add and remove cards for the users of the unit. Settings – this section is used to set up various parameters – including general parameters, display parameters, visual and input/output parameters. Date and time – used to set up date and time setting and synchronization parameters. Transactions – transactions reporter. Network – set up communication parameters.Tools – various system tools.
The list shows following data: PIN – a unique numeric identifier for each user.Name – full name of the user, with last name stated first. Level – user level, which allows each user to change certain settings on the unit. Type – user type – this shows the way the user checks in on the unit.
Add PIN, security, level, type and name. Add a photo by touching the “Open camera” button. When you are satisfied with the picture, touch the same button, now with “Get picture” option. You can easily remove picture as well. This picture will be shown on the display every time the user checks in on the unit.
Serves for configuring the unit and they are split into 4 categories:
General settings, Camera and appearance, Job codes, Outputs and Relays. Cards – this option chooses if the cards are used in the system or not. Pin/Mixed/AFIS – choice of checking in when fingerprint is used. Pin length – defines the number of Pin digits. Verification screen timeout – defines time for how long will the screen with successful check-in message be shown. This time is defined in seconds. Inactivity timeout – defines for how long will the unit keep the screen turned on after the last activity. This time is in seconds. Dim display – the action which will happen after the inactivity timeout expires.
Add picture, background picture and skin of device.

Background picture – selects one of the predefined wallpapers. Skin (restart on change) – selects general skin of the interface.
It is possible to choose either white or dark skin. Skin affects button and menu appearance.
BoneID Embedded is multi language software and supports most common world languages. It can be translated into almost any language simply translating default language file and uploading it using uTouchTool.
Shows types of work absence which last only for a part of the day. Types: private leave, official leave, lunch break, visit to the doctor, etc. Output / Relay – set up output and relay behavior.
This screen allows you to set current date and time, along with time synchronization parameters. When setting a time zone, first you need to select a region, and after that, in the field below, select the exact location. For some locations, the region selection will be sufficient.
Easy manage the list of last 300 transactions which occurred on the unit. This is a great way to quickly check unit events right on site without the need for the special software and a computer. Overview of single transaction, all details about this transaction. You can also here compare pictures of user and actual transaction. Great for preventing misuse of cards.
This screen allows you to set up communication parameters.You can choose how device will be connected to the server using Ethernet adapters or Mobile connectivity. You can also connect the unit to a network over Internet by using VPN connection over PPTP protocol, or you can simply use one of well known DDNS services and connect unit to your network without any knowledge of routing and establishing VPN server.
This screen allows you to perform following maintenance procedures: Reboot the unit, Initialize the unit – resets the unit to factory state, License – status of license, Calibrate – calibration of touch screen